How User Interface & Experience helpful in Magento?

How User Interface & Experience helpful in Magento?

Ecommerce is on rise as never before. For which Magento development companies compete each other to provide their Clients web store with great value additions in User Interface and Functionalities as well. Magento E-commerce is the most preferable E-commerce platform. So companies are hiring top UI & UX Designers in order to bring great E-commerce experience for end users.

As every business owner is demanding to have great look which is able to provide appreciation across the globe to the business. Magento web design is a procedure of designing websites offering products, which has been opted by several companies in order to increase sales.

UI & UX Designers work flow for great E-commerce experience web layout in Magento.

  1. Collecting Information about business and functionality by Interviewing users and project stakeholders, performing task analysis and using these inputs to create a requirement document which includes personas, user scenarios and user experience evaluation metrics.

  2. Wire framing the design based on business flow and functionality which is low-fidelity sketches of the User Interface for key tasks to elicit feedback, followed by revised higher – fidelity designs i.e., Wire frames, Clickable wire fames or prototypes.

  3. Work on User Experience Design to convert Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi layout, which involves selection of colors, style of User Interface elements and brand Identity. Design will focus on creating and managing the User experience and usability process for all browsers and devices across web properties. The workflow can be optimized based on the user experience techniques for visual display, information presentation and consumer experience.

  4. Approval of layout which is an important part of the design process. As the UI designers don’t want to see their work to go directly into the trash. A special presentation will be created to explain clients the design story and define core UI experiences. The presentation shows stages of the process, deliverables and interactions.

  5. Spreading the Design to make the team understand design and User Experience process.

  6. PSD to Magento Integration

    • Converting Photoshop to HTML to Magento theme / Template. This process needs to add accessibility and interactivity to the design.
    • PSD to Magento Integration starts with slicing PSD which is the Image format based into multiple files.
    • PSD based image files are not compatible with web browsers and therefore sliced images are converted into XHTML/CSS. Code will be hand – coded, pixel – perfect, W3C valid, Cross browser compatible, clean SEO semantic and fully optimized. HTML files are then integrated with Magento powered Theme / Template to make web portal live.
    • PSD to Magento needs dual process of PSD to X(H)TML/CSS conversion and X(H)TML to Magento Integration.

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