User Interface Techniques to Increase Sales in E-Commerce

User Interface Techniques to Increase Sales in E-Commerce

  1. Home Page giving Information at first Impression

    Obviously a website’s Homepage should provide relative Information at First Impression. If the user interface of home page is not having a lasting impression on the viewers it will not plays a vital role in magnetizing the users. The layout, colors, and content should leave a memorable imprint in the mind of each visitor. It should be considered that home page of e-commerce should be designed in a visually appealing manner with all relevant information, from contact to about, sale, return/exchange policies, offers, etc., everything should be the part of home page.

  2. Categories with large number of lists

    There will be N number of products that an online store can put up in website. This can confuse users to search for a particular product. So each item should be splitted into categories and subcategories which are then listed on a single page to let users find the product easily without wasting hours.

  3. Mega Menu with Expandable Navigation

    Visitors obviously want to find whatever they’re looking for in a quick concise manner. Expandable Navigation is preferred over other navigation types as there are innumerable products available and it becomes easier for users to check out the products. Mega Menu can contain metric ton of content, even with next/prev links to move between columns.

  4. Neat and simple Product Info Pages

    Product Info pages are often the messiest piece of any e-commerce website, with so many elements to consider like the item price, quantity, product photos, reviews, colors or sizes for clothing, etc., Simplicity should be the primary design factor while designing product page, providing product information related to particular product, the comfort it provides, usefulness and its key features. Whereas content should be secondary and aesthetics are tertiary.

  5. Help users by adding search / Filters

    Search and filters will help users find the product easily that they are looking for saving lots of time which actually users will like. Filters will allow users to find the product results based on Item, price, quantity, availability, colors, etc., Website selling different products would greatly benefit from this UI.

  6. Use of Colors for creative theme innovation

    To help users find what they want on website at first impression without getting stuck, correct color combinations should be used which will be visually appealing & cool, informative and easy to search.

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